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“The award for the 2018 BEST FILM was given to director Angela Atwood for her brilliant film “Lady Hunters,” a dark comedic look at a girl’s weekend in the woods gone wrong … The whole film unfolds with the sort of cadence and sleekness that only comes with a truly adept and skillful director guiding the story and performances, and Atwood’s precision is without exception on display here.”

~ Detroit Shetown Film Festival


Lady Hunters

Three moms become a vigilante death squad.

Written, Directed & Produced by Angela Atwood
Starring: Lara Buck, Marianne Hardart & Angela Atwood

WINNER: Best Film, Detroit Shetown FF
WINNER: Best Writing, Women in Horror FF
WINNER: Best Socially Conscious Narrative, WIHFF
WINNER: Best Cinematography Short, Nightmares FF
WINNER: Best Adventure Film, Manhattan FF
WINNER: Best Mystery / Suspense / Thriller, AltFest

PANAVISION New Film Maker Grant

Currently in festivals. Feature in development.

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Chronicles of a
BLEEP-Year-Old Woman

The comedic web series pilot in which a not-as-young-as-she-used-to-be actress doggedly pursues The Dream.
Ep 1: Tamra discovers there's no such thing as a Beginner Ballet Class in NYC.

WINNER: BEST WEB SERIES, Lady Filmmakers Film Festival, Beverly Hills

Official Selection: the Academy-qualifying Dances with Films



Written, Directed & Produced by Angela Atwood
Starring: Chris Beetem & Angela Atwood

A suburban housewife falls for a man who’s mistaken her for a prostitute.

WINNER: Best Romantic Drama, Manhattan Film Festival

Accolade Global Film Competition Award of Recognition

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Atwood’s feature screenplay won TOP 10 DRAMA FINALIST in the NEW YORK SCREENPLAY CONTEST 2016. This sizzle reel is her directorial screen debut.