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PILOT EPISODE -  "Super Big"



Neighbors Kev and Jan have created a shabby-Shangri-La for themselves on the fifth-floor of their rent-stabilized Harlem walk-up. They're over thirty, over educated, and almost over New York; but when their landlord plans to demolish the block to make way for an “Eataly” uptown, the struggling gentrifiers stock up on bodega bubbly and make ties with unlikely locals. Created and directed by Michael Cicetti, with co-producer Plaid Dog LLC.

EPISODE 3 | Season 2

EPISODE 3 | Season 2

Triplets of Kings County

It's chore day for the TRIPLETS OF KINGS COUNTY but after Edward destroys their family photo album, the biggest chore of all becomes remembering the night that their parents died.  Created by Michael Wolf, Terence O'Brien, and Colin O'Brien, the TRIPLETS OF KINGS COUNTY is a comedic web-series about three 18 year old identical triplets living in a haunted apartment in Brooklyn.



Angela Atwood serves as wonderful comic relief
  Theater in the Now

” Atwood’s deftly funny—and drunken—take on a frustrated, ripe trophy wife cracked me up.
 Boy Culture

Angela Atwood stands out in particular for her complete and subtle portrayal of Tommy’s overbearing mother, creating a character of depth and complexity in an easily caricatured role.”

The mother and son Vaughn are despicable soul-less characters whose racist and elitist cores are captured with surgical precision by Angela Atwood and Kellan Peavy.”
  Theatre Reviews Limited